Ubisoft – Abu Dhabi


Working as an online games programmer, contributing to design and develop server-side backend to store game progress of millions of players using C#/.NET, PHP, MongoDB, Memcache and Redis. Developing native extensions for Android and iOS for Adobe AIR to provide native features not available on Adobe Air like Facebook, Android/IOS purchases, Google Play/GameCentre, Ads, Video Playback, Web view support. Developing Game-As-A-Service components like Messaging, Leader-boards, Server-side Push Notifications.

CSI : Hidden Crimes [IOS, GooglePlay, Facebook]

NCIS : Hidden Crimes [IOS, GooglePlay, Facebook]

Zaizi – United Kingdom


Knowledge Center (Dpeartment of Education UK)

A sub section of the main website that handles knowledge sharing through questions and answers that help users understand the domain better. Also equipped with federated search

Department for Education – United Kingdom

Contributed to Engineer and build a Drupal Alfresco Integration for the Department for Education in the United Kingdom. CMIS was used to talk between Drupal and Alfresco. For authentication between the two systems SAML 2.0 was used. The Drupal module was developed completely by me which handled all the authentication and user management. This module was written in a way that it was able to handle multiple Identity Provide applications like Shiboleth, ADFS, OpenAM ect.

Primary Opinion – United Kingdom

Engineered, designed and developed a publishing platform integrating Salesforce, A enrichment API built by 67 Bricks, LinkedIn, Alfresco and a payment gateway called Stripe. Salesforce was used to handle users and subscriptions. Users were also able to login using LinkedIn accounts. Users were able to publish articles, getting them enriched using an enrichment API. Gained extensive experience and knowledge in integrating a wide array of technologies. Used PHP extensively to write REST APIs.

Oxfam International – United Kingdom

Contributed to develop an intranet solution for Oxfam International. Talking between Drupal and Alfresco was done using PHP CURL. A rest API was developed for Alfresco to communicate with Drupal and was done purely in PHP. Authentication was handled using LDAP. Gained extensive experience in profiling PHP applications using Cache Grind along with web grind. Also worked heavily with MySQL database optimizations.


A Drupal module which basic terms will provide Drupal users with the interfaces and the functionality to create smart content by enrichment and categorization algorithms. With the upcoming interest for Semantic Web among the community this module will become a good addition to Drupal to fill the void created by the lack of a module that helps the user to create smart content. The content on your Drupal website as a result of enrichment will become more effective against major search engines like Google.

Margin Sheet – Product

Developed a revenue calculating tool for projects based businesses using Symfony. Gained extensive experience in writing high performance MySQL queries and stored procedures. Worked with a lot of Twitter Bootstrap and obtained knowledge about Bootstrap based UIs. Used Doctrine ORM extensively for the whole project and gained wide knowledge about Symfony internals.

Zone 24X7 – Sri Lanka


Zoneway – Product

Was the technical responsible person for the project. Engineered and developed a Symfony based extremely large scaled office automation suite, which handled all aspects of software development activities according to the CMMI standards. Gained extensive knowledge about MySQL stored procedures and how to optimize them. Worked with an extremely large code base which enabled me to learn much about version controlling software. Worked with Doctrine extensively and gained good experience on how to use it and optimize it for Symfony for performance.

Personal Projects [ForFun]

Dev Tool Hub


A online tool set created specifically for web developers using Symfony.

Just Spell It


A fun way to check and improve your spelling skills with nice stats.

Dorset Cricket Board – United Kingdom

Built a fully customized Drupal 6 Application to present cricket league information. A custom Drupal 6 theme was built with a few custom modules to input in league information to the system. Added a fully functional shopping cart to pay league fees and handle all payments. The back-office payment processing was also managed using the application. Gained extensive experience in Ubercart for Drupal.